Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best way for any business to be found online and start generating leads organically is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When building a house, a solid foundation is paramount. We believe that SEO is the foundation of a business’s online presence. In order for the website to be a sales engine and establish a strong online presence, you’ll need proper SEO implementation. Rest assured, we are dedicated to staying up to date with Google products and understanding their ins and outs. After all, it’s our anadrol only cycle specialized skill that allows us to provide a service that works.

Our process begins with primary market research. This consists of interviewing our clients to understand exactly what their business is all about. After identifying the services or products they offer, we transition to step two in our process: secondary market research. This entails an in-depth investigation of what other successful businesses and competitors in the industry are doing. Furthermore, we find the most popular keywords that the general public is using to reach what they are looking for. Subsequently, our creative writers produce custom engaging content using those popular keywords so that customers can find your business online. They also incorporate the proper call to action statements throughout the entire website. We always ask our clients to approve written content before we add it to the live website. This ensures that a client’s online presence accurately presents their business from the very beginning.

Once our client believes that the website represents their business well, we begin to add SEO tags like the following:

Title Tags:

Title tags make it easier for consumers to find your website online. They also give the customer a general idea of what your business is about. When a consumer search for something on Google, they get a list of relevant websites. Each website in the list has a title tag in the form of a blue hyperlink and a short description. For example, when you search “DMReach” in Google, the first item in the list has a title tag as seen in the picture below.

Meta Description:

A meta description can help consumers, who are searching for your products, understand what the content of your webpage is about before clicking on it. For example, the photo below shows the meta description that appears when you search “DMReach” in Google.

Meta Description Example - London, Ontario

H1 Tags:

A website can have different webpages. An H1 tag is the title of each page on a website. It specifically tells you what that particular webpage is about. Incorporating the proper keywords into the title of each page will help the consumer find your business online.

Alt Tags:

Every image or photo on a website can be tagged with an Alt Tag or keyword. For example, if a website had a photo of an apple, we could tag that photo with the keyword ‘apple’. This ensures that when someone searches for ‘apple’ in Google, they will find the photo and website. Without the specific alt tag, the consumer may not find the photo on your website. With our help, however, we can help your business appear when someone searches for images or photos on Google.

When developing your online presence, another important factor to keep in mind is Google bots or crawlers. Google made these bots to crawl around websites and investigate whether the title tags, meta description, H1 tags, alt tags, and content accurately reflect what the website and business is about. We make sure that the aforementioned tags and descriptions are accurate so that Google approves your website and makes it easier for consumers to find it.

All those tags and content will allow google bots to crawl the website and understand what it is all about. Indexing your website to Google is another important thing, it is just like registering your business to the government. It is an indication that your website is trustworthy and accepted by google. Then we move forward with linking your website to all credible online listing and Google products for proper tracking and visibility.

Making google satisfied is our priority and making customer money is our main goal. Contact us right away for a free consultation.

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