Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

You can take advantage of search engine marketing to increase your visibility online. When you search on Google for a particular service or product, the first thing you will see are Ads. Marketers utilize platforms like Google Ads to create those Ads and manage them with the intention of generating qualified leads for businesses. This method produces targeted traffic right away–however, you don’t want just any anyone to visit you. Rather, the key is to engage people who are actually interested in your products or services. Since companies pay whenever a visitor clicks on an ad (Pay Per Click or PPC), high-quality traffic will maximize the return on investment.

In order to create and manage a successful PPC campaign, we take advantage of 6 key features:

1) Keywords: Gathering the most appropriate list of keywords based on the target location, what you are offering, and what prospects are searching for is imperative.

2) Ad Creation: Creating multiple catchy Ad ideas and making sure that you speak to your target market can really influence a campaign.

3) Landing Pages: Clicking on an ad will take you to what marketers call a landing page–it’s basically the webpage the customer lands on once they click on an ad. Landing pages play a significant role in the success of any campaign. In order to build a page that converts a lead into a serious prospect, we use our expertise and practiced testing. Having a website that is formatted to look great on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets will make a big difference.

4) Optimization: We use Google tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords to continuously optimize and analyze campaigns. This eliminates the risk of spending way more than your potential return.

5) Testing: Taking advantage of methods like AB testing to compare variants of landing pages to the same target market and determine which one converts better can have a huge impact on a campaign’s success.

6) Tracking: It’s much easier to keep track of serious prospects if you track outcomes through call tracking/recording methods or contact forms received to your email.

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