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Our experienced team understands how hectic it is for local businesses to find a good fit candidate to join their team. We understand that the entire process of Human Resources (HR) is very costly. HR includes job analysis, law, planning, recruitment, selection, onboarding and training, performance management, pay, benefits, health and safety, employee separation, and labor relations. Most local small-size businesses cannot afford all these expenses. However, we came up with an affordable way for businesses to incorporate HR by focusing on its recruitment aspect. We take this hassle away from the business owners by providing a customized HR recruiting package at a reasonable price.

First, we meet with our clients to understand exactly what they are looking for in terms of the ideal candidate. Based on this information, we create a custom job description including the job summary, work conditions, duties, and responsibilities. The custom job specification includes all qualifications needed such as education level, certificates, skills, and experience necessary. Afterwards, we will communicate with our clients and complete the final revision. Once we receive our client’s approval, we will create a web page with a contact form on the client’s website and will add all the job information. Subsequently, we will post the job description and specification to the client’s LinkedIn account, Indeed, and Kijiji based on the type of job requested. Once we start to receive the applications from future candidates, we will screen all applications and conduct an initial phone personality interview. If the applicant passes, we will send them to our client for a technical interview and the final decision will always rest with you.

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